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<a name="Use-Gitlab-Runner"></a>
## Use Gitlab Runner
1 - Retrieve the registration token in your gitlab project (Settings > CI / CD > Runners > Set up a specific Runner manually)
2 - Open the `.env` file and set the following changes:
# so that gitlab container will pass the correct domain to gitlab-runner container
# so that gitlab-runner container will send POST request for registration to correct domain
3 - Open the `docker-compose.yml` file and add the following changes:
environment: # these values will be used during `gitlab-runner register`
- RUNNER_EXECUTOR=docker # change from shell (default)
- DOCKER_NETWORK_MODE=laradock_backend
- backend # connect to network where gitlab service is connected
4 - Run the Gitlab-Runner Container (`gitlab-runner`) with the `docker-compose up` command. Example:
docker-compose up -d gitlab-runner
5 - Register the gitlab-runner to the gitlab container
docker-compose exec gitlab-runner bash
gitlab-runner register
6 - Create a `.gitlab-ci.yml` file for your pipeline
- echo Hello!
- echo job1
7 - Push changes to gitlab
8 - Verify that pipeline is run successful
<a name="Use-Adminer"></a>
## Use Adminer
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